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About Aqua First Indo

about aqua first indo

Do you look for the best quality for marinefish and corals?

Do you tired to try marinefish and corals from another company?

Our Advantage

We specialize in high quality corals with excellent health for supplying the trade. Cattering the needs of coral supply for wholesaler all around the world, we provide the best hand picked exotic corals from Indonesia's wonderful ocean. We also communicate well and exchange feedback regularly with customers, enabling us to understand the market situation and send you corals that sells. Even if you ordered everyday bread and butter corals, we make SURE you receive them in best possible health, given full attention to each coral that require constant care in order to reach its maximum appearance.

Corals you'll receive has been quarantined in our fully and well equipped facility for at least two weeks, some are even months, rest assured that the corals you receive will maintain its' color, health and best appearance given proper treatment. We believe in quality over quantity.

We have already had a lot of experience by serving foreign customers such asafetida

American,African, Russian,Middle East people, Singaporean, and Australian.

We also Work with public aquarium in Singapore, Korea And Russia

If you need the jumbo fish, you can inform us